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Terms of Sale & Payment Methods

Listed below are the Sales Terms of the online store TRAMPOLINO e-shop, of the company with the name "TRAMPOLINO" CHILDREN'S BAPTISM, which is based in Thessaloniki, 25th of March street no. 2310 303279 and email: (hereinafter referred to as TRAMBOLINO e-shop). The user / visitor is invited, before continuing to browse the websites of our online store, to carefully study the following Sales Terms, which govern the purchases, distribution and returns of our Company's products through the online store. If the user / visitor agrees to these Terms, he / she must accept them by clicking on the relevant field, located in the registration form. The users / visitors of this online store declare and accept that before their visit to the TRAMPOLINO e-shop, they have read and unreservedly agree with these Terms of Sale (as well as the above Terms of Use). In case the user / visitor disagrees with any of the Terms of Sale, he is asked not to use the services offered in the online store TRAMPOLINO e-shop and to leave immediately from this website. For the solution of any questions and queries you can contact us by clicking on the relevant link "communication" (

The present website of TRAMPOLINO e-shop contains the following information about the Company and its products, which are available for sale through it: • The address and contact details of the Company, • The description and the essential characteristics of the product (composition, composition of fabrics and materials) and the available sizes. The scale available in Europe is used in terms of available sizes. • Price (including VAT), quantity and shipping and return costs, • The method of payment and the manner and time of delivery and execution of the order, • The validity of the offer or price, • The right of withdrawal, • The right to return products. • The special indication if a certain product is an offer product and what it entails.

The products of TRAMPOLINO e-shop that are exhibited and available through this website have undergone thorough and rigorous inspections in selected and certified quality control laboratories in the Company's laboratories, which have the necessary equipment to carry out the inspections of fabrics according to with the protocol of international specifications ISO 9001: 2000 wash test in terms of colors and fading, resistance test in terms of damage, tears, seams. The audits carried out by the Company are complete and detailed. If any problem is found, users / visitors are invited to contact the TRAMPOLINO e-shop, which will take care of its immediate solution. 

The TRAMPOLINO e-shop executes orders taking into account the current availability of the Company's products and stocks. Any reported availability is indicative and in no case binds the Company. In case a product, ordered by the customer is not available, then the TRAMPOLINO e-shop will contact him via email and / or phone, within three working days from the date of the order, to inform him about when it is likely its delivery or for any complete lack of the specific product in general or in the specific ordered size. If the customer considers that the time required for the delivery / receipt of a specific product does not satisfy him, he can partially withdraw the order for the specific product, while any remaining order can be executed normally.

The prices listed on the specific website are expressed in euros (€) and include VAT, but do not include shipping costs, which are specified in each case depending on the method, time and place of dispatch. The TRAMPOLINO e-shop reserves in any case the right to change the prices without warning the customers / users. The customer must pay the price of the product, which was listed in the TRAMPOLINO e-shop, at the time of ordering. 

The products of TRAMPOLINO e-shop are thoroughly checked before sending each order, in order to avoid as much as possible the sending of a defective product. A product with a material defect, which is delivered to a user / customer of the online store and this defect is not due to the fault of the user / customer is replaced, if requested in accordance with the provisions below under the term "Product Returns" with another identical. There is no obligation to replace, if the damage to the Company's product was caused by non-compliance with its instructions for use, due to poor maintenance, or is normal wear and tear due to the use of the product. In these cases the Company bears absolutely no responsibility for damage caused by the use of the product in question. The TRAMPOLINO e-shop does not provide any guarantee regarding the quality and / or suitability of the products sold for any specific purpose and special use, nor does it guarantee the safety and protection of the users of these products. Such guarantees are provided, if any, only by the manufacturers and the customer must be informed of the packaging of the product. Any telephone information made by the TRAMPOLINO e-shop regarding manufacturers' guarantees is made simply for the convenience of the customer and in no case is it a guarantee of the TRAMPOLINO e-shop. Customers / users should carefully read the specifications and composition of each product sold, to determine on a case-by-case basis whether it is used in the manufacture or in the composition of the final product any raw material or material in general, to which he has allergies or health problems. or to third parties (eg young children). Customers are kindly requested to carefully follow the washing instructions of the products to increase their service life.

The user / customer who wishes to order products from our online store, must first add them to his shopping cart and then proceed with: a) sending the order to the Company by clicking on the relevant link and b) the Fill in the payment form with the details of his credit card or with the provision of cash on delivery. The order is completed by clicking on the "Payment" button. Orders are accepted and shipments of ordered products are performed only within Greece. Shipments are made daily on weekdays, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, during store hours. Each order is finalized at 12:30 of the next working day upon receipt. No product reservations are made.

The TRAMPOLINO e-shop, as soon as it receives the order, sends to the customer to its e-mail address a receipt with the order number, via the email The sending by the user / customer of his order to the Company is the proposal to the latter for the preparation of the sales contract, and the sending by the Company to the user / customer of the receipt of the said order, constitutes the acceptance by the Company of the proposal for the preparation of the contract of sale, which is considered to take place only with the sending by the TRAMPOLINO e-shop of the receipt of the order. The promotion of the Company's products in the TRAMPOLINO e-shop constitutes an invitation for the submission of a proposal by the user / visitor for the conclusion of a sales contract. The package, which the Company sends to the user / customer, in execution of his order, is accompanied by the issued legal tax element (receipt of retail sale).

Before the order is completed, during the electronic ordering process, the user / customer can click on the corresponding field "Cancel" and thus proceed to the automatic cancellation of his order. Cancellation of an order after its completion and electronic sending is possible only if a relevant notice is sent by 12:30 of the next working day. 

 After the completion of the order, no changes / additions / modifications can be made. If the customer wishes to modify the order, he must cancel it before completing it, and then select other products, repeating the same procedure. 

The TRAMPOLINO e-shop provides the possibility to the customer to electronically monitor the progress of his order, through the informative emails, which he receives every time his order changes stage. Also, the customer can at any time, if he wishes, enter the field "My Account" and give his codes (username and password) in order to be informed about the execution stage of his order.

Payment for the order can be made in the following ways: 
ONLINE PAYMENT - VIA DEBT / CREDIT CARD & COD The online store TRAMPOLINO e-shop accepts VISA credit and debit card. Note that there is no possibility of repayment in installments but the amount will be repaid in a lump sum. The amount of the lump sum repayment, in addition to the value of the products, will necessarily include the shipping costs, which will be charged to the customer according to the table of shipping charges. For purchases made by credit card, the customer should follow the detailed replenishment instructions available in this online store. On the order form, you must fill in the number and expiration date of the customer's credit card. Credit card debit is made subject to verification and certification of the data and its validity. The customer is solely and exclusively responsible for the correct recording and truth of the credit card details. In each case of purchase, the buyer declares that he is the owner and holder of the credit card used for the specific transaction. 
PAYMENT BY DEPOSIT IN A BANK ACCOUNT (ONLY FOR SALES WITHIN GREECE) Payment can be made by deposit in the Company's bank account. The account you can use is as follows: EUROBANK BANK Beneficiary Name: Maria Kritou IBAN: GR8902603260000150200876175 The deposit of the bank transfer must be made within three (3) working days from the registration of the order in the TRAMPOLINO e-shop. Otherwise, the order is canceled and considered non-existent. The number of the specific order, which will have been sent by the Company via email as confirmation of the completion of the order, must be indicated in the depository of the Bank. 
PAYMENT WITH COD ON DELIVERY OF ORDER (ONLY FOR SALES WITHIN GREECE) The customer pays the employee of the courier company, who acts on the orders of the TRAMPOLINO e-shop, with the delivery of the order at his place. Cash on delivery is charged € 2. Cash on delivery does not apply to orders delivered outside Greece. Customer History with Refusal of Acceptance. The orders of our customers, who in their history have 2 consecutive shipments that refused to receive or did not respond to our written or telephone / courier information and were returned to the TRAMPOLINO e-shop, with the indication (NOT INTERESTED - PASSED, ARNIS) accepted only after prepayment - by debit or credit card, or deposit of the total amount of the new order in the bank account of the company. 
Payment can be made at the physical store of TRAMPOLINO e-shop with cash or with the POS system at the address 25th of March 46, 54248, Thessaloniki, Greece during the opening hours of the stores. Regarding the orders in which "Payment in the store" has been selected, they are considered active for the next three (3) working days from the date of their confirmation. After the expiration of the period, the reservation of the products participating in these orders is canceled. Refunds from return products are only valid for online orders, in which payment is completed before the products are held. There is no refund from purchases of products made in the physical store.
In case the purchase was made by credit card to secure the holder, the delivery of the products is done only to the buyer, who must pick up the order in person by presenting his original ID or passport and credit card. Receipt of the order by a third party is prohibited unless the buyer authorizes a third party in writing. In the case of a written authorization, the authorized person must present the above documents in order to complete the delivery of the products made by credit card. Delivery time Delivery is made no later than seven (7) working days for deliveries within Greece and fifteen (15) working days for deliveries to the rest of the world, which are calculated from the day of the order, and depends on the availability of the products. In exceptional cases and if the customer has been informed in advance, the delivery time may be extended. 

The products are sent for sales within Greece exclusively through courier services. The cooperating companies are ELTA door-to-door (door-to-door service), General Post and Speedex courier. You can follow the progress of a certain order from the menu "My Account" and the shipment of the ordered products through the courier company through the tracking number of the courier company, which will be sent to you via email, when available. There is the possibility of receiving the products without shipping charges from the TRAMPOLINO e-shop, 25th of March 46, 54248, Thessaloniki, Greece in days and hours of operation of the stores. Regarding the orders in which "Payment in the store" has been selected, they are considered active for the next three (3) working days from the date of their confirmation. After the expiration of the period, the reservation of the products participating in these orders is canceled.

Shipping costs depend on the total cost of the products you will order, the place of delivery and the shipping method, according to the shipping cost table. The maximum delivery time is seven (7) working days for sales within Greece, calculated from the day after the completion of the order. In exceptional cases, of which the customer is informed, the delivery time may be extended. The participation of the user / customer in the cost of transport / shipping of the products depends on the place of delivery and the amount (value) of the order as follows: - For orders within Greece worth equal to or more than fifty euros (50 €) there is no shipping / shipping charge. Shipping costs are scaled according to the cost of the order and the place of delivery. During the execution of the order and definitely before its completion and its shipment to the Company "TRAMPOLINO" CHILDREN'S BAPTISMS there is a clear electronic information regarding the exact cost of transport / shipping costs. The Company "TRAMPOLINO" CHILDREN'S BAPTISM is committed to replace any of its products ordered from the online store TRAMPOLINO e-shop and not delivered in excellent condition. The Company "TRAMPOLINO" CHILDREN'S BAPTISM does not bear any responsibility for any delays in the execution of orders due to force majeure. Indicative and not restrictive, as cases of force majeure are considered strikes, problems and delays of suppliers / carriers / couriers, terrorist acts, war, exchange rate fluctuations, delays due to issues related to the operation of banks and the banking system, legislation, natural disasters and earthquakes. Orders are processed no later than the next two business days after confirmation of receipt. The progress of the delivery process can be monitored through a link that the company will send with a relevant email.

The delivery of the products is done by the cooperating courier companies, in which the TRAMPOLINO e-shop promotes the personal data of the users, such as name and shipping address, so that the delivery and execution of the orders becomes possible. The Company's policy is not to deliver parcels to minors who do not have a written authorization from their parent / guardian. 

The order may be delayed for the following reasons: 1. The product has been delayed from being shipped from the Company's warehouse. In this case, the TRAMPOLINO e-shop will contact the customer to ask him if he wants the order to be delivered without this product or to offer him an alternative. 2. The product has already been removed and is no longer available. In this case, the TRAMPOLINO e-shop will contact the customer to provide him with an alternative solution. 3. In periods of extreme weather events or strikes as well as in case of force majeure, which may affect the transport and delivery of the customer's order. In this case, the TRAMPOLINO e-shop will contact the customer as soon as possible, in order for the latter to state if he wishes to complete the order under these conditions. 4. In case it is impossible to communicate by phone and / or via email with the customer (if, for example, a problem arises in the order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment) because e.g. the customer details entered are not correctly filled in and / or updated.

RETURN POLICY - Returns are made within 14 days from the date of receipt, and contact us before shipment. Returns with a shipping date of more than 14 calendar days (from the date of receipt) are not accepted, are returned to the customer and the shipping costs are borne by the courier company. - The customer must contact us before sending a return. Please contact us by phone or email - All cards must be in place and intact, and returned products must not be worn. - The protective hygienic sticker must not have been removed from the swimsuit. - No return on underwear, tights, corsets. - There is no refund from gift cards or second party purchases. - Refunds from return products are only valid for online orders, in which payment is completed before the products are held. There is no refund from purchases of products made in the physical store. - Please do not use defective clothes because there is a possibility that your return will not be accepted. - If you return defective clothes, do not return other clothes, as you will not automatically be entitled to a refund for the shipment of the returned products, except for the cost of the products. 
RETURN PROCEDURE - Fill in the Return Form we had in your package, or download it from here, and include it in the package. - Close the package either with the same bag in which you received it, or make sure that your own package is safe and waterproof. - Stick the return sticker on the package, or download it from your Profile, in the specific order. - The money will be refunded the way the payment was made. Please allow up to 30 days for a full refund. - If you used a bank deposit or cash on delivery to pay for the order, then you must note your bank account in a Greek bank on the return form. - If you return a defective product, your money will be refunded the moment we receive your parcel and we will approve the refund and refund costs to you. - Keep the receipt, and send it by email to - Return the package using your local post office! The charge is yours. Do not send anything unless you are sure you have the receipt! Keep the shipping receipt secure, and we suggest you send us a copy to
DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS - In case of defective clothes or an error in the shipment, the amount of the clothes and the return shipping are fully covered by us! However, if you return non-defective clothing in the same package, you are not entitled to a refund for the return of the goods, except for the cost of the goods. - Keep the receipt, and send it by email to - Upon receipt of the products, we will evaluate your request based on the return form you filled out, and we will notify you whether we will refund the amount of the products or the shipping costs of the return to us. Returns of products with a charge of "TRAMPOLINO" CHILDREN'S BAPTISM. The customer has the right to return the products purchased from this online store with a charge of "TRAMPOLINO" CHILDREN'S BAPTISM, in the following cases: 
1. In case of incorrect shipment: If through the fault of the TRAMPOLINO e-shop the wrong products were sent to the customer (error in the registration of the order, the invoicing, the shipment, etc.), the customer may either not accept to receive the product from the beginning or request its return. Returned products must be in excellent condition, sealed, complete and without any damage. The packaging of the product should be the one that normally accompanies the product and should be in excellent condition and accompanied by the accompanying documents (receipt, instructions for use, etc.). After consultation with the Company, the products should be sent back, accompanied by proof of purchase. In this case, the charge for their return is covered by the Company. You must fill in the "Return Form" and contact the Company "TRAMPOLINO" CHILDREN'S BAPTISM. The Company undertakes, in this case, the cost of sending the correct order (correct codes) on the next working day from the day of receipt to the Company of the incorrect order, provided that the respective products are available at the time of order execution. Clearly, in case the specific products are not available, you have the possibility of partial or total modification of the order. 
2. In case of defective products: Upon receipt of the order you have the obligation to check that the products correspond to your order and in any case otherwise to indicate in the form of handwritten signed remarks that you will fill in the Delivery Note any defects or inadequacies of the order (eg insufficient number of products, damaged or damaged packaging etc.). At the same time, you must inform our Company by fax or email regarding the content of your remarks on the same day or at least within the next three (3) working days from the receipt of the order. If products of poor quality were sold, the customer must not accept the receipt of the product and contact this online store at 2310 303279 or via email at In case the customer agrees to receive the product, the TRAMPOLINO e-shop will not accept any return and therefore will not replace the product. In addition, in case the customer does not return the product then, a new product will not be sent to him and the customer will have to place a new order / purchase. The product must be returned in the condition it was delivered. If the customer accepts the package and the product "as received", it is explicitly stated that no refund will be made under any circumstances. In both cases, the maximum return period may not exceed fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt. It is explicitly pointed out that as defective are considered only the products / clothes that are objectively unsuitable to be worn. Under no circumstances are clothes considered to be inappropriate and / or defective, which deviate from the photos posted on the website, due to differences due to different lighting, appearance, posting, photo analysis, computer projection and photo printing. In this case the shipping costs are borne by the customer. Returns of products at the customer's expense The customer reserves the right to return the products purchased, free of charge and without obligation to announce the reason for which he wishes the products to be returned, within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt. In this case, it is charged with the cost of returning the products. Returns will only be accepted if the products the customer wishes to return are in exactly the same condition in which they were received, ie without the distinctive features (instructions, card with instructions etc.) unsealed or their packaging has been violated. The customer must complete and send to the TRAMPOLINO e-shop the relevant form attached to the retail sales receipt that he will receive along with the products within the above deadline. In case of return of the products, the return of the money corresponding to the products ordered by the customer, will be completed within thirty (30) days from the date that the TRAMPOLINO e-shop will receive the returned products. The return is made by crediting the customer's bank account, which he will notify to the TRAMPOLINO e-shop.
In any case of return of products, the customer is obliged to deliver them intact, in their original condition and packaging, and with the initial markings on the products, together with all the documents that accompanied the product (eg DAT, Retail Receipt , gifts, etc.). REPLACEMENT - There is no replacement in underwear, tights, corsets and products worth equal to or less than 15 €. - The courier service delivers the new order to the same shipping address and receives the products to be replaced at the same time. The first replacement is made with free shipping. - This service applies to products that have the same or higher cost as the product to be replaced. The difference in cost is paid through Bank Deposit in the TRAMPOLINO e-shop or in the courier upon receipt of the package (with a charge of 2 €). 
In case the user / customer changes his mind, after receiving the product, or if he is not satisfied with it, despite the fact that the TRAMPOLINO e-shop exhausts on its part any appropriate control, it has the right to withdraw from the sales contract. In this case, the TRAMPOLINO e-shop undertakes to return the value of the returned product, with a bank check in the name of the customer indicated in the order or a bank transfer to an account that he will indicate within thirty (30) calendar days from the exercise of the right withdrawal on the part of the user / customer or refund of the amount on his credit card. According to the provision of article 4 par. 10 of law 2251/1994 that concerns the distance contracts, the above right of withdrawal can be exercised by the user / customer with his declaration to the Company, within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the product in question. For its part, the user / customer must return the product to the Company, intact, in its original packaging, at the expense of return costs. Any returns are accepted by the Company only for products that are returned intact, in their original condition, together with the retail sales receipt and without having damaged their original packaging and labels, as received. Otherwise, no return is accepted. For its fast and uninterrupted service, the user / customer who decided to exercise the above right of withdrawal, must use the "Return Form" included in the package. The completion of the "Return Form" is mandatory in any case. 

The discount codes have a specific duration and are placed in the first step of the order. Discount codes can not be combined with other promotions. Offer products can only be changed with other offer products.

 Users - buyers who use the services of the website, accept and agree that the communication of the parties will take place mainly and mainly electronically, via e-mail and / or with updates through the website. Users agree and accept that the communication will be done by electronic means and that all notifications, communications, proposals, acceptances, agreements, contracts and amendments thereto will be made electronically, and the communication by electronic means and e-mail is considered and accepted by them. users - buyers that it covers the type document, where required. 

The general communication and any notifications of users - buyers to the TRAMPOLINO e-shop will be made at the email address The Company may validly communicate with the user - buyer either by e-mail or by mail, to the postal address provided by him during the registration of the order. Any notification is considered to have been received by the TRAMPOLINO e-shop 24 hours after sending it to the electronic address of the TRAMPOLINO e-shop and in 5 days after the postal delivery (for shipments within Greece) using the courier service. Users - buyers who have sent an e-mail or letter by mail must be able to prove by any legal means that a proper e-mail was sent to the correct e-mail address of our company and that the e-mail that A postal service was held using the service of the cooperating courier companies. 

For any clarification related to the TRAMPOLINO e-shop and the above Terms of Sale, users can contact 2310 303279, working days and hours, or contact the TRAMPOLINO e-shop at